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We have organised several meetings with excellent speakers. These have been filmed by Darryl Stewart and posted on YouTube and his own website.

Additionally you are recommended to read  Brexit made me do it too in which one of our members describes the process of her acquiring British citizenship.

Marianne Kaufmann, one of our members, spoke at Jock Tamson’s EuropeFest in Dundee on 14/7/2018 about the effect Brexit has had on her life. It is a sobering account, including her take on parallels with Germany in the 1930s. 

Eoghan Macmillan gave a speech at a conference in Aberfeldy on Scotland’s Place in Europe on 29/7/2018. He spoke about why he supports Independence in Europe and why he does not see this as a contradiction. His speech is worth reading regardless of your views on Independence.                   

Other interesting viewings include: