About us

Edinburgh march

Perth for Europe is a local group established in January 2017 to campaign against Brexit.

We are a group of people who passionately believe that leaving the European Union is bad for Scotland and the rest of the UK.

We believe that, for many years, we have all been subjected to a relentless campaign of lies and distortions about the European Union.

Much of the printed media in the UK is owned by non British citizens, or exceedingly wealthy tax exiles living in tax havens who have their own reasons for opposing the EU. They know that the EU is considering moves to make it more difficult for them to avoid paying taxes; taxes which could be used to support the NHS, our childrens’ education or keep our armed forces properly equipped. So they have persistently misrepresented EU actions and frequently told lies about them.

Our governments, both Tory and Labour, have found it simpler to claim that the EU is responsible for certain problems than to admit that they are of their own making.

We believe Brexit will diminish the UK’s standing in the world, limit our childrensfreedoms to travel, study and work, our ability to retire wherever we like in the EU and will inevitably make Britain a poorer country.